Monday, March 5, 2012

Open House Spring / Summer book launch

The projects above were showcased yesterday at my open house. The scrapbooking club layouts are just the bare bones and I will be posting what the layouts look like with pictures and embellishments later this week. Thanks for your patience and thanks for looking!


  1. Hi Addie! It's been a while. Thanks for the wonderful birthday wishes. It's been a while. I use to pop over from time to time, but I see it's been a minute since my last visit. Your cards and other paper products a simply wonderful. I'll be sure to return sooner than later to see more of your wonderful creations. BTW congratulations on your new arrival.

  2. Irronically, I was just thinking...I should post samples of my card workshops on my blog, and then I stopped in to see yours.
    Love them. Especially, the cards. And I like how it adds "real--come see me" content to your blog.
    Nice work
    Fellow CTMH Consultant